Wojciech Grabczak

3D Design

3D Designer / Generalist


Architectural Interior 3D Visualisation

I created this 3D scene and renderings from start to finish from a limited number of photos for space planning for a possible future exhibition.

Based on photos and floor plans.

3D Product Visualisation

I created this 3D Model and renderings as a part of an architectural proposal for a Lina Bo Bardi fellowship grant.

Based on drawings and photos of an existing product designed by Lina Bo Bardi

3D Product Visualisation​

Icreated this 3D Model of the Frecciarossa train for a client, to be displayed in a graphic on the website, as part of a print-ed marketing brochure as well as a part of a promotional ani-mation.

Based on photos and blueprints

Prototyping Concrete Manufacturing

Combining 3D Design, 3D printing and injection moulding, this prototype was realized to build a complex architectural design utilizing cement.

About Wojciech

3D Design

I am a 3D Designer / Generalist and Speaker.

My portfolio covers a broad range of professional design and rendering projects in art, architecture, manufacturing printing and transport.

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