Digitally Tailored

Escaping out-of-the-box website builders

With a plethora of out-of-the-box website makers, it’s never been easier to create a site for your business. Or so those services would like you to think. 

Standing out is difficult

One of the largest website providers currently has an impressive 92 site templates for users to build from. However, they also has over a million paying subscribers. Even if this number is evenly distributed across templates, that’s over 10,000 users regularly paying for the exact same template. There is the option with most of these services to build from scratch, but unless you pay extra for an experienced developer and designer to get involved in this process, then it might appear to someone visiting the site that this is not a professional operation. 

Digitally Tailored Solution

Before we touch a line of code, we make sure that we understand the domain and your objectives in having a site. This is then used to create a theme that fits this requirement.

Do it Yourself

“Clicking and dragging” sounds simple enough, but, in reality, a website that converts into sales requires a lot more than that. This is why there are whole teams dedicated to making websites. Designing and developing with target audience, user journey and user experience in mind, placing your call-to-actions wisely, using analytics to improve on usability and sale conversion are just a few of the factors to take into consideration. The digital world is constantly evolving and staying on top of your game often means integrating the latest of tech into your site. A click and drag website won’t do that for you.

'Advanced' development comes at (extra) cost!

When it comes to out-of-the-box solutions, your options to stand out from the crowd are often limited. You have to pay extra for customisation and the costs add up with each extra implementation. Some service providers won’t even let you customise your site without using their development team, meaning that you are restricted by their fees. Something as simple as customising your site with a few lines of CSS suddenly becomes an enormous stumbling block.

Digitally Tailored Solution

We carefully consider future support when selecting our frameworks and tools to ensure that you are not dependent on niche skills to work with your site.

Changing your Website Provider

Since you have to do it all yourself, this also includes migration. Migration is taking the content from an existing website to another. Many of these out-of-the-box solutions simply do not offer the possibility to export your website content, making the process of setting up the site a painful copy+paste procedure. If you have an existing site with several pages of content and wish to switch to a new website, transferring the content manually can be painstakingly tedious and time-consuming; time that you could have spent focusing on your customers and growing your business! 

Digitally Tailored Solution

If you already have a site with another provider, we will also handle the data migration as part of our setup.

Let's Work Together

Our initial setup cost is affordable and entirely covers the research, theming, building, access control and launch of a website. The support contracts combined with our hosting plan further provide ad-hoc updates, support, and maintenance for your site. We don’t merely point you to an FAQ page for you to resolve your problems by yourself. 

What’s more, if you do want to move away from us, you will receive all of your website data and instructions on how to use it.

Each customer gets an account manager and we’re available by phone, email and even text. Getting your website sorted has never been easier!

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